Show Membership Plans

Allow your potential customers to view your new and updated membership plans directly on your website.

Membership Plan.jpg

Show off your gym with a beautiful gallery

Have a state of the art gym? Why not show it in a state of the art gallery page on your website.

Gallery 5.jpg

Contact Us Form for your website visitors

All your customers to contact you in case your number is not reachable. 

Contact Us 1.jpg

Feedback form for your customers

Let your customers drop a feedback about your gym and trainers using a feedback form.

Feed Back.jpg

Allow customers to chat with you

Visitors on your website can live chat with you directly through your website. You can reply to them using a mobile app.

Chat 2.jpg

Show all services

Do you host zumba classes? Or provide personal trainings? You can mention it on the services page.


Show all offers

Have a new year's discount? Or just want to share a coupon code? Post it on your website using a offers section as a free add on.

Offers 2.jpg

Careers Page

Let trainers apply for job openings with a career's page.

Careers 6.jpg

FAQ Page

Allow your customers to read about all FAQs.

FAQ 2.jpg

Have mulitple outlets?

Share all details with the customers for all outlets on your website.